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Twenty Unique Christmas Plant Gifts To Spoil Your Loved Ones

Written by James, Plant Lover

Gift-giving season is almost upon us, so it’s time to think of what gifts to buy your loved ones (that aren’t socks or candles). If you’re looking for gifting ideas that are a bit more out of the box, then plants are the way forward.

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Chrismas plant gifts

Why Christmas plant gifts are superior

Instead of buying something generic and predictable this year, give your loved one the gift of nature with a houseplant or two. Houseplants make perfect gifts, as they last for years and brighten up our home and mental health.

We’re all well aware that Christmas is the most wasteful holiday, with approximately £42 million of unwanted presents thrown into landfill each year. So if you want to prevent waste this festive season, choose something green and leafy! (Because what monster could possibly throw a potted plant away?)

One of the best things about gifting plants is the variety; for example, if you’re buying for a beginner, shop our unkillable range, or if you’re buying for someone that loves flowers, shop our flowering range.

Christmas Gifting

Christmas plant gifts that your friends & family will love

Nothing says “I love you” like a well-thought-out gift. So we’re here to help you choose the best Christmas plant gifts for your loved ones (you can even add a free gift note for that extra personal touch).

Satin Pothos 4

Pothos Satin

The pothos satin is the ideal plant for the person in your life that has the opposite of a green thumb. It has gorgeous, silvery grey-speckled leaves and will thrive in a bright, humid spot.

Bonsai Money Tree 4

Bonsai Money Tree

The bonsai money tree is a low maintenance plant that hails from tropical wetlands and swamps. It’s pet-safe and loves humidity and bright, indirect light.

Red Chinese Evergreen 4

Red Chinese Evergreen

The Chinese evergreen has red-accented leaves with touches of pink, cream, and green. It’s a tropical plant that loves high humidity and can tolerate a range of light conditions.

Mistletoe Cactus 1

Mistletoe Cactus

The mistletoe cactus is a funky-looking plant with messy, trailing foliage. It’s pet-safe and almost unkillable.

Flamingo Flower White 1

Flamingo Flower White

The flamingo flower is a stunning plant with waxy green foliage and a vibrant flower. It loves high humidity and bright, indirect light.

Christmas cactus 1

Christmas Cactus

Gifting someone a Christmas cactus for the festive season is too good of an opportunity to pass up. As with most cacti, this plant is super easy to look after and loves to sit in the sun.

Blue Star Fern 1

Blue Star Fern

The blue star fern is a unique plant with foliage that resembles something you’d find under the sea. It’s one of the easiest ferns to look after and is one of our best-sellers!

Flaming Sword 4

Flaming Sword

The flaming sword, as you might have guessed, has a flower that resembles a bright, flaming sword. It’s easy to look after, pet-safe, and loves bright, indirect light. We think this jazzy plant is the perfect gift for anyone with a bold, creative personality.

Polka Dot Begonia 1

Begonia ‘Evening Glow’

The begonia ‘evening glow’ has stunning heart-shaped, dramatic leaves. It likes high humidity but isn’t too picky with lighting, so it will cope with shadier areas of the home.

Asparagus Fern 1

Asparagus Fern

The asparagus fern has cute, fluffy foliage that could charm just about anyone. When the plant is young, it’s compact and looks great on a desk or tabletop. As it matures, it becomes a climbing plant. This fern is fairly low maintenance and likes bright, indirect light or light shade.

Golden Pothos Neon 1

Neon Pothos

The neon pothos is a hanging plant with bright, eye-catching leaves. Pothos plants are perfect for beginners because they’re hardy and easy to look after.

African Milk Tree 1

African Milk Tree

The African milk tree is the ideal gift for someone bold and quirky. It’s a striking succulent with spiky, red leaves along its green spine. This plant would prefer a bright home, like a conservatory or a south-facing room.

Aralia Ming 1

Aralia Ming

The aralia ming is an indoor tree houseplant with fluffy-looking foliage that sprouts from its woody trunk. It loves humidity, so it’s perfect for a bathroom or kitchen.

Birds Nest Fern 4

Bird’s Nest Fern

Tropical fern or exotic underwater plant? The bird’s nest fern has attractive, crinkled fronds that somewhat resemble seaweed. It’s one of the easiest ferns to look after and is a superstar air purifier.

Myrtillocactus geometrizans 1

Blue Myrtle Cactus

The blue myrtle cactus is a distinctive-looking plant that loves full sun. It’s super low maintenance and even more so during winter, as it barely needs water.

Scarlet Star 4

Scarlet Star

The scarlet star is the perfect gift for that special someone. It’s a striking, tropical plant with glossy green leaves and a vibrant star-shaped flower. Although it's not too fussy, this plant likes bright, indirect light and high humidity.

Bunny Ear Cactus 1

Bunny Ear Cactus

There is no plant as cute as the bunny ear cactus, and you cannot convince us otherwise. True to classic cacti fashion, this plant loves hot, dry heat with plenty of sunlight.

Calathea Pinstripe 1

Calathea Pin Stripe

The calathea pin stripe is a plant that needs a little extra attention, so it’s perfect for a keen gardener that likes a challenge. It has pink pinstripes on deep green and maroon-coloured leaves that close at night and open during the day.

Elephant Ear Portadora 1

Elephant Ear Portodora

The elephant ear portodora has large leaves that slightly resemble lettuce (but, unfortunately, aren’t edible). It favours warm, sunny spots and high humidity.

Calathea Rattlesnake 1

Calathea Zebra Plant

The calathea zebra plant is a statement plant with lush, striped leaves. Like other calatheas, this plant requires constant soil moisture, high humidity and indirect light.

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