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The Best Easy-Care Snake Plants For Your Home

Written by James, Plant Lover

The snake plant (Sansevieria) is every beginner indoor gardener’s dream. It’s hardy yet beautiful and does a great job of purifying the air in your home. Due to its iconic pointed leaves, this plant also goes by the name of mother-in-law’s tongue. There are around 70 different types, though not all of them are available to purchase. Some are minimalistic, like the shark fin plant, whereas others are unique and cute, like the starfish. The one thing that all snake plants have in common, however, is that they’re super easy to look after.

Snake Plant Mikado 2

About snake plants

The snake plant is one of the most common houseplants, which is a testament to how low maintenance they are. Not only are they one of the most popular leafy companions, but they’re one of the best choices for beginner’s. Trust us, neglect is not something that fazes this plant–it is the independent queen of the houseplant world.

The snake plant is native to West Africa and thrives in sunlight and warmth. You will find that many online sources claim the snake plant can survive in low light, which it can! However, it prefers exposure to sunlight. So if you have the option, choose a moderately lit space over a low-lit space for your plant. A snake plant will grow faster and healthier if it receives a good amount of sunlight everyday.

If you can't seem to stick to a watering routine, a snake plant is an ideal houseplant. It won't hold a grudge if you forget to water it because it's drought-resistant. In fact, it's not uncommon for a snake plant to go over a month without needing a drink. In winter, watering should be few and far between unless your plant is in a particularly well-heated room (aka if you love to use the heating). Unfortunately, the snake plant isn't as hardy when it comes to overwatering. Therefore, giving your plant too much to drink could lead to root rot and be potentially fatal. But we think that's a minor downside considering that the snake plant has many upsides.

Another advantage of this trusty and reliable plant is that it's known to be one of the best houseplants for purifying the air. It can quite literally breathe life into a room.

Snake plants3

Stunning snake plants to decorate your sacred space

If your vision of being a plant-parent is a completely stress-free experience, then we assure you, snake plants are the way to go. Many people miss out on the fun of having houseplants because they’re not confident about looking after them. But you do not have to be an expert at plant care to own snake plants. Keep on reading to find out our favourite varieties that we think would look great in your home.

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Snake Plant Zeylanica

The zeylanica is one of the classic varieties that you see most often. Its stiff, sword-like leaves are mottled with dark green and are just what you imagine when you think of a snake plant. The zeylanica loves indirect light but can tolerate low light, too. Its large leaves attract dust easily, so it needs to be wiped with a damp cloth occasionally. The zeylanica is a great companion for just about anyone, whether your home is modern or rustic, or big or small.

Snake Plant Zeylanica 1

Snake Plant Laurentii

The laurentii, characterised by its long, razor-sharp leaves, is easily the most recognisable of all the snake plant varieties. The main physical difference between the laurentii and the zeylanica is the laurentii's cream-coloured margins surrounding the leaves. True to its snake plant identity, the laurentii is tough as nails. It's an architectural plant perfect for making a space look chic. It loves bright light but, of course, can tolerate low-light conditions. Like the zeylanica, you will need to occasionally dust the laurentii's leaves to keep it looking healthy.

Snake Plant Laurentii 1

Snake Plant Mikado

The mikado is a unique snake plant with smooth, cylindrical leaves that have subtle light and dark green stripes. The leaves narrow to a point and can grow over a metre tall, making this stylish plant a great architectural statement.

Snake Plant Mikado 4

Snake Plant Cylindrical

The cylindrical snake plant is nicknamed the African spear plant due to its long, pointy leaves (similar to the mikado). It's an elegant, modern plant that looks like an expensive sculpture without the expensive price tag. And surprise, surprise, it's easy to look after.

Snake Plant Cylindrical 1

Snake Plant Masoniana

The masoniana, also known as the whale fin snake plant, is tricky to get a hold of–so count yourself lucky if you've got one. This plant is known for its darker green shade and singular, fin-shaped leaf. So if you're looking for a unique purchase, this is your plant!

Snake Plant Masoniana 4

Peat-free snake plants

If you're looking to reduce your environmental footprint and make plant parenthood a more sustainable hobby, peat-free compost is the way to go. Check out our peat-free offerings to add to your sustainable collection.

Snake Plant 'Jade Pagoda'

The jade pagoda is a cute plant that makes the perfect desk companion. Its glossy leaves appear like a rosette and set it apart from the rest of the snake plants. But just like any snake plant, the jade pagoda will thrive in your care.

Peat Free Snake Jade Pagoda 1 0028

Snake Plant 'Starfish'

The starfish is a stout and compact plant, which makes it good for smaller spaces. The thick, fleshy leaves resemble a starfish (as you may have already guessed) and grow outwards instead of upwards.

Peat Free Snake Plant Starfish 4 0035

Peat Free Snake Plant Cylindrical Braided

This cylindrical snake plant’s leaves have been woven together to create an eye-catching braid, and the distinctive shape of this braided plant makes a brilliant architectural statement for any home. As you know, the cylindrical snake plant is super easy to look after, an expert at purifying the air, and can also tolerate low light conditions–duh!

Peat Free Snake Plant Cylindrical Braided 4 0042
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