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10 Very Big Plants To Transform Your Home

Written by James, Plant Lover

Big plants are elite. They demand the attention of anyone who steps into the room, and they stand tall with stylish pride. If you have a dull or empty corner in your home, they’ll be sure to fill it with plenty of natural, bold vibrancy.


The benefits of big plants

Bigger plants can immediately breathe life into a room with their intriguing shapes, textures, and ever-changing structure. And when I say ‘breathe life’ into a room, I mean it literally, too. Indoor plants such as the areca palm and corn plant are experts at purifying the air. So they’re not just a pretty face!

In some ways, big plants can be easier to look after than smaller plants as they’re able to hold more water, therefore, will be more forgiving if you should ever forget to give them a drink. Having fewer but larger plants is also easier in general because you won’t have to spend as much time tending to all of your leafy friends. Smaller plants have the potential to make a space look cluttered, whereas bigger plants can help you achieve the jungle vibe without making a space disorganised.

Bigger plants are not just for spacious homes either; smaller homes can greatly benefit from a big plant or two. Plants like the philodendron and umbrella tree can grow around a moss pole, making them better for fitting into tighter spaces.

Big plants

Big plants to style your home with

Whether you’ve got your eye on something tall and upright like the fiddle leaf fig tree (and very trendy, I might add) or something lush and tropical like the bird of paradise, you’ve come to the right place. A large, sprawling plant may be just what you need to make your space feel more like home.

Bird of Paradise White 5

Bird of paradise white

The bird of paradise gets its name from its distinctive flower (also because it’s pollinated by birds). This plant is native to South Africa and will bring a touch of the rainforest into your home. It’s a lush tropical indoor plant with large, deep-green, paddle-shaped leaves and can reach 2m tall. The leaves often have natural tears, which is an evolved feature of the plant to let in more light to its lower leaves.

Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree 2

Fiddle leaf fig tree

The fiddle leaf fig is a gorgeous plant with a woody, trunk-like stem and leathery, broad leaves. It’s a true statement piece that will attract attention in any room. You’ve likely seen this plant all over Pinterest and Instagram, as it’s recently become a bit of a social media star. The fiddle leaf fig is native to the tropical rainforests of Africa, so it loves humidity and bright sunlight. This plant is also a pretty fast grower and can shoot up to around 3 metres tall indoors.

Big plants1

Money tree

The money treeis also known as the fortune tree, as it’s thought to bring good fortune and prosperity. It’s an eye-catching houseplant with a braided trunk and palm-like foliage and can grow to around 3 metres tall. As money trees store water in their trunk, they’re easy to look after and pet-friendly too. It’s a tropical plant native to Central and South America, so it will thrive if given a bit of humidity and bright indirect light.

Areca Palm 7

Areca palm

The areca palm has elegant, glossy fronds that can cast beautiful shadows on the wall during the night. This classy indoor plant will provide sophisticated, tropical vibes in any room of your home. The areca palm grows fairly slowly but can reach up to 2m tall. True to its tropical nature, it loves humidity and indirect light.

Heartlef Philodendron Moss Pole 4

Heart-leaf philodendron

The heart-leaf philodendron, also known as the sweetheart plant, is a tropical vine with signature heart-shaped leaves. As it’s attached to a moss pole (we also have a hanging version here), it’s the perfect plant to make a statement without taking up too much space. Philodendrons are famously easy to look after and air-purifying experts. This plant is native to Central America and the West Indies and thrives in warm, humid and bright conditions.

Umbrella Tree 0687

Umbrella tree

The umbrella tree is another easy-care houseplant that will bring lots of intrigue and colour to your home. This plant has beautiful, marbled leaves that create a tropical canopy of golds, yellows and pale greens. It can reach over a metre tall, yet as it grows around a moss pole, it won’t take up too much space (this plant also comes in a braided version). Native to southeast Asia, the umbrella tree loves warmth, humidity and bright indirect light. A good tip for looking after this plant is to rotate it regularly, so it gets an even distribution of light.

Golden Pothos on Pole 1

Pothos golden

The golden pothos is nicknamed the devil’s ivy because it’s practically immortal. This plant can be found in forests worldwide but is native to French Polynesia. It loves to hang, climb or trail, which makes it perfect for growing on a moss pole (we also have a hanging version here). This plant is not only unkillable but a fast grower, too, often adding between 12 to 18 inches of length in a month.

Aralia Ming 1

Aralia ming

The aralia ming is a unique, stylish plant that brings an element of the orient into your home. It’s native to the tropics of India and Polynesia, so it loves humidity, warmth, and light shade. This plant grows slowly but can reach up to almost 2 metres in the right conditions.

Corn Plant 4

Corn plant

The corn plant is one of our best sellers (and with good reason). It’s an attractive plant with waxy green foliage, and as with many dracaena plants, it’s a breeze to look after. This tropical plant is native to Africa and can grow to around 2 metres indoors. Its preferred environment is warm, humid and bright, but it can also tolerate shade.

Yucca 4


The yucca is a retro-looking indoor tree with sword-like leaves and a long, brown trunk. This plant is native to the deserts of Central America and Mexico and will flourish in bright, indirect sun but can also tolerate shady spots. The yucca exudes an exotic vibe and will be a great addition to any tropical houseplant collection.

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