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The Best Desk Plant Buddies to have

Written by James, Plant Lover

Working remotely has become the new norm for many of us, with the pandemic forcing 46% of Londoner’s to work from home in 2020 . Amongst those Brits that did, 9 out of 10 say they’re keen to ditch going back to the office permanently and work from home for good.

The Best Desk Plant Buddies to Have

As we adapt to working life at home, lots of us are looking for ways to spruce up our makeshift offices, and finding the best desk plants might just be the winning ticket

Why You Should Add Plants to Your Desk

Adding indoor plants to your desk is a great way to add interest to your workspace without the large price tag. But the benefits plants can have on us at work, be it from home or in the office, don’t stop there. There’s lots of evidence to suggest that office plants can boost productivity, make us more creative and even reduce work related stress. So, if you're finding yourself in a working from home rut, with little to no motivation, we think it’s time to go on the hunt for the best desk plants on the market.

1. Increased Productivity & Creativity

Desk plants really could help you get the job done. Scientists from Exeter University conducted a research study at the Chelsea Flower Show to understand the impacts added foliage can have on output at work and the results were pretty wild. The experiment found that employees who made design decisions in a workspace with office plants were 38 per cent more productive and 45 per cent more creative.

2. Cleaner, Purified Air

Introducing plants to your desk could freshen up your workspace by cleaning the air you breathe. The NASA Clean Air Study found that as well as removing carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen through photosynthesis, certain popular indoor plants also filter nasty pollutants called volatile organic compounds (VOCs) from the air inside our homes.

3. Reduced Stress & Anxiety

Spending time in nature can benefit our mental wellbeing and the introduction of desk plants could help reduce work-related anxiety. One study published in the Journal of Physiological Anthropology found that interacting with plants reduced physiological and psychological stress by lowering blood pressure and promoting “comfortable, soothed, and natural feelings”.

Best Desk Plants- Houseplants That Thrive on your Desk

Whether you're a first-time plant parent or a green-fingered pro, we’ve put together a list of the best desk plants. Not only are they compact, but our best desk plants are also low-maintenance, making them suitable for beginners and they all have air-purifying qualities to keep your workspace fresh.

1. Aloe Vera

The Aloe Vera is a world-renowned succulent known for its magical healing abilities. Its water-storing leaves means it won’t need watering very often. As long as it is kept in a sunny spot and not overwatered, Aloe Vera’s are really easy to look after. Their green, fleshy leaves will not only look great on your desk but their air-purifying qualities remove the

Aloe Vera 3

2. Rubber Plant Robusta

The Rubber Plant is a very popular indoor plant with dark, glossy-green, oval-shaped leaves that form from a woody trunk. Available to buy at the heights of 40cm or 50cm the Rubber Plant would make a great desk ornament. As a fast growing indoor plant, growing up to 3m tall (if treated well), a Rubber Plant may soon outgrow your desk and become better suited to a spot on the floor next to it instead.

Rubber Plant Robusta 2

3. Spider Plant

The Spider Plant’s unique looking green and white curly leaves will add interest to your workspace. They are pretty hardy and can tolerate a range of conditions, making them great for plant parent newbies or slackers alike. As a compact plant, between 20-25cm tall when it first arrives, it's well suited to sit atop your desk. By being non-toxic, the Spider Plant is good for those with small children or pets; making it one of the best desk plants

Spider Plant 1

4. English Ivy

Although usually found outdoors in gardens across the UK, the English Ivy is also very well suited to grow inside. It’s beautiful white and green patterned leaves, which can be trailed or hung, will beautify your desk. Included in the NASA Clean Air Study, the English Ivy is a superstar at removing VOCs from the air.

English Ivy Variegated 4

There's the roundup of our favourite best desk plants to help spruce up your working area. Thinking of kitting out your whole office, not just your desk? Check out our full range of study/office plants for more inspo.

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