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Looking After Your Pot-Grown Blue Spruce Christmas Tree

Written by James, Plant Lover

Make the most of your pot-grown Blue Spruce Christmas Tree with this care guide. Learn how to make it thrive over the festivities and beyond. From where to place it when it arrives to how to repot or replant it, this guide will help you keep your tree fresh.

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Pot grown mini Christmas trees have grown in popularity in recent years, thanks to their environmentally-friendly credentials. A pot grown tree is advantageous to the eco-conscious amongst us as it may be able to be replanted and used again the following year. If you’re thinking about buying a pot-grown tree this year, read on below to find out how to care for your mini Christmas tree.

Pot-Grown Mini Christmas Plant Care Guide

A pot grown mini Christmas tree is ideal for those who have limited space and great for bringing some festive cheer to the workplace and other social spaces too. However, because they are living plants, they need to be looked after. Below we’ve pulled together some top tips on how to care for your mini Christmas tree that’s pot-grown so that it remains healthy and strong through not only just the festive season but hopefully to thrive once replanted outside too.

How to Care for your Blue Spruce

Find our tips below on how to look after your pot-grown mini Christmas tree to make sure it lasts through the season.

1. Help your tree acclimatise to indoor life

If your tree is used to alfresco climates, it needs to be eased gently to life inside. So take your time moving it in. First let it sit in a sheltered spot in your garden for a day or two, give it good water and when you are ready to bring it inside remember to shake it to get rid of any loose pine needles.

2. Keep it in the same container

While it can be tempting to repot your mini Christmas tree into a festive pot, doing so will disrupt the root system and cause damage. Instead, simply place the pot the tree came in into a slightly larger pot of your choice if you want to create a more aesthetically pleasing look. Just make sure that you place the container on a saucer inside so that water won’t leak out of the bottom - no one likes soggy presents after all.

3. Place is in the right spot

Although the Blue Spruce is hardy and can tolerate a range of temperatures, it is best to avoid keeping your little Christmas tree near anything hot, like your radiator or fireplace and out of direct sunshine. The ideal spot is cool but near to a window so it has access to plenty of light too.

4. Water correctly

Like most plants, how you water your pot-grown mini-Christmas tree will play a vital part in its survival. Both overwatering and underwatering are devastating to plants. When your Blue spruce first arrives, water liberally, keeping its soil lightly moist, but not soggy at all times. A good way to check if your tree needs more water is by using the finger dip test. Place your finger, up to its knuckle into the soil and if it comes out dry it's time to water. If your finger comes out covered in damp soil your Blue Spruce is thirsty. If your tree is drooping, looking brown or dropping needles your tree is likely thirsty.

5. Take it Outside

A real Christmas tree will also benefit from being taken outdoors for about 24 hours around once a week. This will help ensure it gets enough light and doesn’t get too ‘at home’ indoors, meaning when you transition it back outside, it won’t be too much of a shock.

The best thing about your Blue spruce is that you don't have to throw it away once Christmas is over. Instead, it can remain in its pot and be kept inside or outside to be reused again next year or planted outside.

What to do with your pot-grown tree after Christmas

The best thing about your Blue spruce is that you don't have to throw it away once Christmas is over. Instead, it can remain in its pot and be kept inside or outside to be reused again next year or planted outside.

Reusing your tree next year

If you are hoping to reuse your tree it might be best to keep it in the container and care for it that way. Planting it out and then digging it up again may put too much stress on the roots. You can keep your Blue Spruce inside or outside all year round. Once your tree has matured it won't need to be watered as frequently as when it first arrives, and the soil should be left moist but never soggy at all times.

To give your tree room to grow it will likely need repotting into a large pot during the growing seasons (spring to summer). Follow our guide on repotting for more info.

Planting your tree outside

If you want to enjoy your pot-grown tree in the garden you can plant it directly into the ground. Before you do it's important to let your tree acclimatise to life outdoors by moving it to a sheltered spot outside for several days.

When ready, plant your Blue Spruce in fertile soil in a spot that gets indirect sunlight. During the summer months make sure to keep your tree well-watered and feed it regularly with a special fir fertiliser to give it an extra boost from time to time too.

Looking For A Pot Grown Mini Christmas Tree?

A pot-grown mini Christmas tree can be a lovely way of enjoying the sight and scent of a real tree without having to find space for a full-grown one. Our Blue Spruce pot-grown Christmas tree will stay alive all year long, and can be planted out or kept in its pot and used year after year! These mini christmas tree plant care tips will help ensure that you take great care of yours and that it stays healthy and thriving throughout the festive season.

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