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12 Indoor Plants For Low Light Rooms

Written by James, Plant Lover

Lack of light is a constant burden for plant lovers–but it doesn’t need to be. It’s not uncommon to have patches of shade around our homes that the sun can never quite reach. And although they’re annoying, they’re manageable, as you can brighten up these gloomy areas with plants. A surprising number of indoor plants can tolerate low light conditions, and some will even thrive in the lack of sun.

Low light plants

Indoor plants for low light = stress-free plant parenting

Autumn is approaching, which means colder, darker days. And although the idea of rainy days and cosy, dark evenings is appealing to most of us, many of our house plants feel differently. Sun-loving greenery, such as aloe vera and bird of paradise, are by no means fans of the pumpkin-spiced latte season. So if your home doesn’t catch the sun’s rays very often, you may need to look into more hardy plants for low light conditions.

Low light plants2

The best indoor plants for low light

Houseplants add vibrance, colour and intrigue to our homes, but to do that, they must be healthy. If you notice stunted growth and leggy, pale leaves, these are signs that your plants might not be receiving enough light. So move your sun-deprived plants to a sunnier spot and replace them with hardier varieties!

Corn Plant 4

Corn plant

The corn plant is from the Dracaena family, which are easy-to-grow plants perfect for beginners. This plant will grow quicker in a bright spot with high humidity but will tolerate light shade.

Heartlef Philodendron Moss Pole 4

Heart-leaf philodendron moss pole

Heart-leaf philodendrons make brilliant additions to any home. They’re renowned for their air purifying abilities, are easy to care for, and have beautiful, heart-shaped leaves. As it’s a tropical vine, it wraps nicely around a moss pole to give the plant a neat and tidy look. Although the heart-leaf philodendron prefers bright conditions, it will tolerate low light.

Kentia Palm 6

Kentia palm

The kentia palm is a perfect choice if you like the tropical vibe (and it’s one of our bestsellers). It has lush architectural fronds, making it a great statement piece for a slightly bigger room. The kentia palm’s elegance suggests that it might be a bit of a diva, but it's surprisingly hardy. It can tolerate a little neglect and an array of light conditions–apart from direct sun.

English Ivy Variegated 1

English ivy

English ivy is an affordable, low-maintenance plant. It has pretty variegated (multi-coloured) leaves that can trail, hang or climb along almost any surface. This plant is a true Brit and, therefore, can certainly withstand cooler, darker areas.

Cast iron 2

Cast iron

The cast iron plant has showy, glossy foliage so pristine that it almost looks fake. It’s one of the many unkillable plants out there, and so, of course, it can survive low light conditions.

Asparagus Fern 1

Asparagus fern

The asparagus fern is a charming plant with vibrant, feathery foliage. It's a versatile little fellow and can thrive in bright indirect light or light shade (but it doesn’t enjoy direct sunlight).

Heart Leaf Philodendron hanging 4

Hanging heart-leaf philodendron

If neat and tidy isn’t your thing, then say hello to the hanging heart-leaf philodendron. This is the perfect hanging plant as it grows thick and bushy with minimal effort on your part. You can hang it up and leave it to do its thing.

Peace Lilly 4

Peace lily

The peace lily is one of the most common indoor plants and with good reason! It’s a breeze to look after, flowers at least once a year, and purifies the air. As the peace lily originates in the rainforest, it’s used to being in an environment where sun exposure is limited. Indirect light and light shade are the best conditions for this plant.

Snake Plant Mikado 2

Snake plants

Snake plants are one of the roughest and toughest indoor plants around. And for that reason, they’re the best plants for anyone that wants a stress-free plant parenthood.

Snake Plant Zeylanica 1
a. Zeylanica

The zeylanica is a classic snake plant that you’ll likely recognise. Their leaves are sharp and sword-shaped with a mottled dark green pattern.

Snake Plant Mikado 4
b. Mikado

The mikado has fleshy, thin, spiky leaves. It thrives in bright, indirect light but will happily adapt to low light conditions.

Snake Plant Laurentii 1
c. Laurentii

The laurentii snake plant is not to be confused with its close relative, the zeylanica. Its pointed leaves have margins of cream and yellow that make it stand out from similar varieties.

Snake Plant Cylindrical 1
d. Cylindrical

The cylindrical snake plant stands tall and proud like a sculpture. It has thin, pointed leaves that resemble spears as they narrow at the tip. Like the rest of the snake plants, the cylindrical prefers bright, indirect light but will manage in shadier areas of the home.

We’ve got you covered!

So if you're looking for an easy, low-light indoor plant, you can browse our extensive range today. Our passionate plant-loving team is on hand to help if you need any information or help to choose the ideal plant for you. So get plant shopping today!

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