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Benefits of Small Pot-Grown Christmas Trees

Written by James, Plant Lover

There are a couple of options when it comes to buying the right Christmas tree for your home. We’ll give you the lowdown on what kind of options you have to give you all the clarity you need to win at Christmas and invest in a tree that will make your home ready for Santa, chimney or not!

We believe small pot-grown Christmas Trees are the winning option. Before we get into the benefits of small pot-grown Christmas trees, let’s first take a look at the other options for your home or office.

Pot grown christmas tree

Pot-Grown Trees vs Potted and Cut Christmas Trees

Before we explain all the benefits of small pot-grown Christmas trees, let's first compare them to their rivals: potted and cut Christmas trees. Who will come out on top?

Potted Christmas Trees

A potted Christmas tree is grown to a desired height and weight and then dugout at the root and placed in a pot. Depending on the pot’s size, the pot is sometimes filled with sand to keep the weight balanced at the bottom of the tree.

Potted trees can be replanted, although their survival will depend on a few factors, such as how much of their remaining roots remain intact and how soon after Christmas they are replanted.

Cut Christmas Trees

If you want your tree to survive past Christmas, a cut tree will not have much chance of survival given it doesn’t have roots. Whilst Christmas tree farming is often environmentally friendly - as farmers often plant more trees every year than they cut down - why not go one step further and replant your tree or keep it in its pot?

Unfortunately, without its roots, a cut tree can’t be replanted, but it’s still better than an artificial tree, in terms of overall carbon footprint, not to mention its unbeatable authenticity and fragrance!

Now you know the differences, let’s find out all the benefits of small pot-grown Christmas trees and why they're our favourite.

Blue Spruce Potted Christmas Tree 45cm

The Benefits of Small Pot-Grown Christmas Trees

Considering a pot-grown tree is grown in the pot with a full root system, you can keep it in your garden, or home, as you would with another plant, for several years. After the festivities, your tree can become part of your home or garden - making it a tree for life not just for Christmas.

Another benefit of small pot-grown Christmas trees is that they can be reused year after year. they are good value for money as you won’t have to buy another Christmas tree the year after (that’s if you look after it correctly!). You can buy your small pot-grown Christmas tree and have a guilt-free festive accessory in your home or office.

Blue Spruce both sizes lights 0191

Blue Spruce Pot-Grown Christmas Trees

Nothing says Christmas quite like a blue spruce. So if you’re searching for something quintessentially festive, our miniature, pot-grown blue spruce is the perfect pick. It’s one of the most popular festive trees, and it’s easy to see why that is. The symmetrical, conical shape, needle-like leaves and densely packed branches resemble something you’d see in a Christmas card scene. You can buy our blue spruce Christmas trees here.

The blue spruce is native to the harsh Rocky Mountains of North America, which is why it’s so sturdy and low maintenance. Despite its no-fuss nature, the blue spruce prefers sunny environments with moist, well-drained soil. So if you want your mini tree to thrive, give it plenty of sunlight and don’t let the soil dry out. It’s also best to avoid keeping the tree near anything too hot, like a radiator or fireplace, as it will dry out much quicker. A cool spot next to a window would be ideal for this tree.

The attractive blue-green foliage will stay fresh and bushy well beyond December, and the tree itself will flourish for many years. You won’t have to deal with throwing your tree out after Christmas or the constant shedding of needles. Once the holidays are over, you’ll be able to plant your new friend in the garden as an ornamental tree or keep it in its pot to use the following year. Considering it’s pot-grown and has a properly-developed root system, your Blue Spruce will stay alive for years.

One of the best things about having a real tree in your home at Christmas is the fresh fragrance of pine, and the blue spruce has a lovely, subtle scent that you’ll want to bottle up and keep forever.

Our blue spruce is available in three sizes; 45cm, 60cm and 80cm, so it’s the perfect option for those short on space or for someone looking to make a more sustainable choice.

Norfolk pine

The Norfolk Island pine is another one of our mini, pot-grown Christmas trees that will bring the holiday spirit into your home. This tree is native to an island in the southern hemisphere between New Zealand and Australia called–you guessed it–Norfolk Island. In the wild, the Norfolk Island pine can grow to an incredible height of 60 metres. Yet, you can buy one of our mini versions for as little as 45cm!

Don’t be fooled by its name–the Norfolk Island pine is not a true pine, so it has to be cared for slightly differently from your average Christmas tree. Pine trees can often withstand low temperatures and frosty weather; however, the Norfolk Island pine thrives in humidity and warmth. Its preference for warmth actually makes this plant an incredible Christmas tree, as it can double up as a houseplant all year round. If you place your Norfolk Island pine near a south-facing window, it will be as happy as can be. Also, like the blue spruce, the Norfolk Island pine is an easy-to-look-after Christmas tree–so you can spend more time enjoying the festivities instead of worrying about your new leafy pal.

Unlike fresh-cut trees, which are thrown out in January, our Norfolk Island pine can live in your garden (once there’s no risk of frost) or even in your home.

So if you like your Christmas’ a little less traditional and a little more funky, then we think the Norfolk Island pine would be a great addition to your home. It still looks festive (especially with a few baubles hanging from its long branches) but with some added flair of uniqueness and intrigue.

The Norfolk Island pine is available in three sizes; 45cm, 55cm, and 60cm.

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